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About ease.org

Our mission & vision

ease wants to make DeFi as easy and safe as possible. We aim to cover every dollar in DeFi so that users can finally feel at ease.

The core members of the ease team have been around for a long time. Some of us already worked with David Chaum on DigiCash/eCash many eons ago. Others made the first NFT derivatives. All of us have been interested in blockchain technology and its societal impact for many years.

What we all have in common is a vision: 

  • We think that blockchain technology and decentralization are a giant step forward and that DeFi is a game-changer
  • We want to make access to DeFi as easy and safe as possible, by using the benefits of blockchain technology to bypass the negatives of TradFi.
  • By covering Crypto risks easily and affordably, we can onboard many more crypto users.
  • Crypto is just getting started, but the more users we can help get aboard, the faster the revolution will be. 
In 2020, the first steps were made by starting a protocol called Armor.fi. Armor revolutionized DeFi coverage, by making it flexible, automatic and not connected to memberships. 

Since then the team has been thinking about how to cover all of crypto and this is how Uninsurance came to be.

Will ease.org be the Coinbase of DeFi? The FDIC of DeFi? We think we are all that and more.

The ease team

The ease.org core team is spread around the planet.
Check out the ease team page and get to know who's behind DeFi Uninsurance.

We are hiring!

Are you a solidity wizard? A meme chad? A tech writer? A Risk modeler? Someone completely different?
Get in touch and let us know what you can do for us and the ease.org mission.

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