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At ease DeFi, we want to make your DeFi life easy. We also want you to learn about DeFi and Crypto! 

If you click the button above, you’ll go to the ease DeFi app. There you can cover your DeFi assets in just a few clicks. 

If you are new to Crypto and Decentralized Finance, then using DeFi can be overwhelming.

That’s why ease DeFi has prepared several Learn sections on the site. Education is important. The idea is to get you covered and relaxed, but also help you not get REKT. 

Let’s go over the different Learn and Crypto and DeFi educational sections:

The extensive ease.org DeFi and Crypto Knowledge base is filled with in-depth articles. These explain the ease system and the DeFi world it protects with the innovative Uninsurance DeFi Coverage.

  • ease.org Uninsurance documentation
  • DeFi and Crypto in general 
  • Armor.fi Documentation
Soon we will add more sections, including technical explainers and DeFi tools.

The ease.org Crypto and DeFi Glossary will help you navigate Crypto Twitter, by explaining DeFi.

It contains more bite-sized explanations:

  • Typical Crypto Twitter speak
  • Abbreviations & memes
  • TradFi and DeFi terms and explainers
  •  Technical Crypto and DeFi terminology
  • Security, Hacks and Coverage
Many of the terms in the DeFi Glossary also appear in various places on ease.org. 
If so, then they will automagically appear as tooltips. These will show a quick definition or an excerpt, which can be clicked on for a full definition: see for example DYOR.
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