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Crypto & DeFi glossary​

The ultimate guide to Crypto Twitter

TradFi & DeFi lingo explained

Crypto Twitter is the place to be if you want to stay updated about everything Crypto and DeFi. Still, Crypto Twitter might create more questions than answers as the in-crowd has their own lingo.

These Degens and Apes might tell you to DYOR, BTFD or even GTFO. Drop your addy for an NFT drop ?!?

Crypto and blockchains have decentralized traditional finance. Many of the underlying financial concepts are still the same.

What is collateral, why is compounding good? Who or what is Exit Liquidity and FOMO? IYKYK!

Learn all about it in this DeFi and Crypto Glossary.

Cover your DeFi assets, learn about Hacks & exploits

ease.org DeFi provides coverage for your DeFi assets. It is also important to learn more about the dangers of DeFi. Check the Crypto and DeFi glossary to learn about White Hat Hackers, Hardware Wallets, DDoS and 51% attacks and much more. Welcome to the Dark Forest, get educated and covered and WAGMI.

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