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Meet the team at ease

The ease core team is divided over 3 continents. 

Additionally we work with several part-time designers, developers and marketeers.

Read more about ease’s mission & vision here. We are hiring!

founder and executive lead at ease

Robert Forster

Entrepreneur, Shadowy Super Coder, and blockchain security expert. Lives in Western US.
At ease: in front of the fire on a snowy morning.

operations lead at ease

Harry Kikstra

MSc Business Mgt; in Crypto & tech companies since 1996 (DigiCash); climbed 7 summits. Lives in The Netherlands.
At ease: when cycling, travelling, in nature, with cats, in forests and on mountains.

Harry at ease
Romke at ease
tech lead at ease

Romke Jonker

MSc x2 Computing Science & Mechanical engineering; in Crypto & tech companies since 1996 (DigiCash). Lives in France.
At ease: when cycling, travelling, in nature, with pets, in forests and on mountains.

strategic partnerships at ease​

Christopher Hearey​

Guy Of All Trades, Project and partnership Lead. Lives in NW US.
At ease: when in nature and with his dog.

Chris at ease
smart contract wizard at ease​

Taek Lee​

Audit Lead at Haechi (250+ Smart Contracts), Solidity wiz. Lives in South Korea.
At ease: when gaming and with his wife.

smart contract wizard at ease​

Chiranjibi Poudyal​

Civil Engineer (Bachelors of Technology) turned Solidity Developer from Sikkim, India
At ease: when running, playing sports (cricket, football(soccer)), reading (philosophy, ageing), eating organic and sleeping well.

Chiranjibi at ease
frontend & backend magician at ease​

Tomas Kmet

A self taught developer, happily spending time developing for Web3.

At ease: when learning to code, new languages, drawing and traveling.

unpaid intern at ease​

Dominik Prediger

Business informatics student, solidity developer in the making from Germany.
At ease: when mountain biking, hiking through the German black forest or working out.

Dominik at ease
Emil at ease
community lead at ease​

Emil Teoharov

15 years of fasting experience. Self-educated in various fields of knowledge. Lives in Bulgaria
At ease: when reading.

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