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Meet the team at ease.

The ease core team is divided over 3 continents. 

Additionally we work with several part-time designers, developers and marketeers.

Read more about ease’s mission & vision here. We are hiring!

founder and executive lead at ease

Robert Forster

Entrepreneur, Shadowy Super Coder, and blockchain security expert. Lives in Western US.
At ease: in front of the fire on a snowy morning.

operations lead at ease

Harry Kikstra

MSc Business Mgt; in Crypto & tech companies since 1996 (DigiCash); climbed 7 summits. Lives in The Netherlands.
At ease: when cycling, travelling, in nature, with cats, in forests and on mountains.

Harry at ease
Romke at ease
tech lead at ease

Romke Jonker

MSc x2 Computing Science & Mechanical engineering; in Crypto & tech companies since 1996 (DigiCash). Lives in France.
At ease: when cycling, travelling, in nature, with pets, in forests and on mountains.

strategic partnerships at ease

Christopher Hearey

Guy Of All Trades, Project and partnership Lead. Lives in NW US.
At ease: when in nature and with his dog.

Chris at ease
smart contract wizard at ease

Taek Lee

Audit Lead at Haechi (250+ Smart Contracts), Solidity wiz. Lives in South Korea.
At ease: when gaming and with his wife.

smart contract wizard at ease

Chiranjibi Poudyal

Civil Engineer (Bachelors of Technology) turned Solidity Developer from Sikkim, India
At ease: when running, playing sports (cricket, football(soccer)), reading (philosophy, ageing), eating organic and sleeping well. :

Chiranjibi at ease
Chris B at ease
frontend & backend magician at ease

Chris B.

Chris loves to code. What started as a hobby turned into a career and a great passion of mine as I love to learn new things every day. Lives in Central US.
At ease: when problem solving and reverse engineering.

unpaid intern at ease

Dominik Prediger

Business informatics student, solidity developer in the making from Germany.
At ease: when mountain biking, hiking through the German black forest or working out.

Dominik at ease
Emil at ease
Community Lead at ease

Emil Teoharov

15 years of fasting experience. Self-educated in various fields of knowledge. Lives in Bulgaria
At ease: when reading.

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