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Seed Phrase

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A Seed Phrase is basically the Master Key to your Crypto. It should therefore be guarded as such! Hackers and scammers want it as they can control (steal) your funds once they have your key.

A seed phrase is typically a collection of 12 or 24 words, which are all taken from the BIP-39 list of 2048 words. If you check out that list closely, you’ll see that actually already the first 4 letters are different for each word. This includes a space at the end for 3-letter words, so “act ” is a different word from “action”, “can” vs “canal” etc.

So it would be enough to remember just the first 4 letters but to make it easier to remember, common English words were used in the list.

Check out this short video the Ease TikTok team made about this subject and follow the channel for more useful Crypto info!

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Read more about the differences between Seed Phrase and Private Keys, where your tokens actually are, and what hackers want in the extended version of this article in the ease DeFi Crypto Knowledge Base.

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