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Ease.org announces Ez-farming

Ez-Farming Is Near

We’re excited to announce that Ez-Farming will be starting Soon™!

Users who deposit their DeFi yield-bearing tokens in our Uninsurance vaults receive ez-Tokens in exchange. This will let you earn 100% of the underlying protocol yield, while enjoying premium-free perpetual coverage.

Soon™, you will now be able to stake your ez-Tokens to farm rewards in $Ease.

  • The rewards are for actual users of the Uninsurance ecosystem, as you need Ez-tokens to farm. Check out the app for currently supported DeFi vaults and let us know if you would like us to add others.
  • The rewards will be in $Ease tokens, which will immediately be converted to gvEase when claimed. This way your rewards will grow in power, as gvEase has many uses!
  • The unstaking of gvEase to withdrawable $Ease has a delay of 7 days. $Ease can be traded on Uniswap, or staked in the $gvEase app.
  •  Ez-Tokens themselves can be unstaked at any time, this takes 2 days.

Of course it’s best to keep your DeFi tokens in Uninsurance. You will have premium-free coverage, while generating auto-compounding yield, in addition to the farm rewards. Basically, you will be paid to get free coverage!

To learn more about the implications of this opportunity, check our dedicated $Ease Token article, and follow our guides for more detailed info on the special gvEase tokenomics.

An Important Milestone

Ez-Farming is yet another functionality of the Ease ecosystem that reaches maturation.

Some months ago, we encouraged our users to increase their $Ease holdings with the gvEase Lease Farming Boost. Ez-Farming offers you yet another way to earn, allowing you to DeFi farm with Ease even more effectively!

Although the last year was unforgiving for crypto, we never stopped building. For the past 10 months our users have paid 0% in premiums for full stack coverage of their DeFi assets. We’re thankful to all our long-term supporters for sharing with us this journey of growth and development.

Looking forward to the next milestone!


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