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CT is defined by memes. See their meanings and origins.

HFSP means Have Fun Staying Poor - ease.org crypto and DeFi glossary


HFSP is short for “Have Fun Staying Poor”. It’s CT speak and is mostly attributed to Udi Wertheimer. It is often used to mock ‘Normies’ …

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A rug pull is when someone pulls whatever firm base you are standing on from underneath you, causing you to fall and crash. Though the …

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GTFO is a warning aimed at fellow investors and is short for “Get The Fuck Out”. It can be used as a verb. “Yeah, when …

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Uponly is the motto of the bulls. It means that the general market or a specific token or stock will keep on rising, because reasons. …

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“Degenerate” or its more common short form of “Degen” is a badge of honour for those that are apeing into DeFi protocols. Often without proper …

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FOMO is short for Fear Of Missing Out. This doesn’t just happen in crypto, but also irl. It’s the existential feeling of being left behind …

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IYKYK is short for “If You Know, You Know”.  Used a lot on CT as a textual wink from one “insider” to another, casually shared …

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BTFD is short for Buy The Fucking Dip. It means that once a token that generally goes uponly, drops in value you “should” buy more. …

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Black Hat

A black hat is a type of hacker. It is a person who attempts to find computer security vulnerabilities and exploits them for personal financial …

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Originally Maxis referred to Bitcoin Maximalists. These are hardcore Bitcoin purists who believe that BTC is the one true cryptocurrency. As such, they are anti-DeFi. …

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Wagmi is short for “We all (are) gonna make it”. It is used a lot on CT, often to indicate positive sentiment, or as a …

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Doxxing (or doxing) is the publication of personal details of a previously anonymous person. “The team is fully doxxed” means that there are no “anon” …

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Apeing is when a cryptocurrency trader buys a large amount of a certain token, without conducting thorough research. This typically happens shortly after the token …

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