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Harvest Finance Joins The Armor Alliance Big Bug Bounty Challenge

Harvest Finance has become the latest project to join the Armor Alliance Big Bug Bounty Challenge with Immunefi.

By using Harvest Finance, users can:

⭐️ Automatically farm the highest yield available from the newest DeFi protocols.

⭐️ Optimize yields by using the latest farming techniques.

⭐️ Save gas fees by using the auto-compounding features

By joining the Armor Alliance Big Bug Bounty Challenge, Harvest will boost the bug bounty reward for the most critical vulnerability to $200,000.

Rewards are distributed according to the exploitability level of the vulnerability and its impact as per Immunefi’s Vulnerability Severity Classification System. Harvest Finance is primarily interested in securing their smart contracts. Their main areas of concern are anything smart contract hacks that cause lost or frozen users’ funds.

The payouts for Harvest’s smart contract bugs are as follows:

  • Critical: $200,000
  • High: $10,000
  • Medium: $5,000
  • Low: $2,500

The final reward amount of critical smart contract bugs is capped at 10% of economic damage based on the vulnerability reported with a minimum payout of USD $50,000.

NOTE: Vulnerabilities that require moderator-approved access to be exploited will only receive a maximum of 20% of the advertised reward. For Critical Smart Contract and Blockchain vulnerability reports, this 20% is applied after the cap of 10% of economic damage.

The Harvest Finance team will handle the payouts directly and will be denominated in USD. Payouts up to $100,000 are paid in USDC. For payouts above that amount, the remaining amount is paid in ARMOR under the Armor Alliance Bug Bounty Challenge with a vesting schedule of up to 24 months.

By joining the Armor Alliance Big Bug Bounty challenge and boosting the rewards, Harvest will be able to attract high-quality whitehat hackers to look for potential weaknesses in their smart contract that could lead to a protocol-breaking hack.

This another significant step in Armor’s mission to make DeFi Safe for everyone.

Read details about the bug bounty here:

To learn more about Harvest Finance, visit their Website, follow their TelegramMediumTwitter, and join their community on Reddit and Discord.

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