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The $EASE token swap is live!

The current and new tokens

Until today, there were two types of tokens: $Armor and $vArmor. After the launch of the $EASE tokenomics, there have been two new tokens added: $EASE and $gvEASE.

  • $Armor: this is the original governance token of the Armor ecosystem and is tradeable.
  • $vArmor: this is the staked version of $Armor (which can be obtained at https://armor.ease.org/govern) and is the token that is needed to vote on DAO proposals. It generates APY, so the underlying $Armor tokens per $vArmor grow.
  • $EASE: this is the unstaked and tradeable token for the ease ecosystem.
  • $gvEASE, this is the deposited and Swiss army knife version of the $EASE token, which has special properties, powers and possibilities:
    • It cannot be traded, 
    • it can be used to vote on DAO proposals, 
    • can be used to lower possible costs after a hack, 
    • can be leased out for bribes, and 
    • it grows! 

All details can be found in the dedicated gvNomics announcement here and in our Knowledge Base.


As pre-announced earlier this month, existing $Armor and $vArmor owners can now swap their tokens to $EASE and $gvEASE. Please read the details about the different types of tokens and the swaponomics here, but basically: 

  • It is a simple one-way 1:1 swap: you get 1 $EASE for every $Armor, which can’t be swapped back.
  • It is open-ended, there is no hurry, though the sooner you have $(gv)EASE, the sooner you can enjoy all their benefits.
  • Those who had staked $Armor to get $vArmor will receive extra $gvEASE, retroactively from the date of the deposit. This bonus only gets rewarded if the $vArmor gets swapped to $gvEASE directly.
  • The $gvEASE will start ‘growing’ from the start, meaning the date of the swap from $Armor or the date you deposited $EASE.
  • The exact swap rate for $vArmor is dependent on the current $vArmor -> $Armor conversion rate, currently 1.177.

4 token swaps are possible:

Both $Armor tokens can be swapped to both $EASE tokens, so there are 4 possible token swaps possible:

  • $Armor -> $EASE: this is best if you want to keep tradeable and movable tokens
  • $Armor -> $gvEASE: this is best for those that want to take advantage of all of the aforementioned functions of the $gvEase tokens, and is just a combined transaction: $Armor -> $EASE -> $gvEASE.
  • $vArmor -> $EASE: for those who currently have staked tokens, but want to move them to a new address before depositing them, or who want to trade them.
  • $vArmor -> $gvEASE: for those who are already generating yield on their $Armor tokens. Also for those actively voting on DAO proposals, who wish to keep on doing so. (This gets you a bonus). Instead of earning extra $Armor tokens, they can now earn $ease tokens (bribes) and their $gvEase token amount will grow retroactively from the date of deposit (which was possible from April 14th, 2022). 

How to swap

The Token Swap page is located here: https://app.ease.org/token-swap

Once you connect your wallet that contains your $Armor and $vArmor tokens, you will be able to swap them easily and quickly.

There are only a few steps:

  1. Connect your wallet
  2. Choose the type and amount of tokens you want to swap to and from (you can click on $Armor/vArmor and $EASE/$gvEASE to switch between them).
  3. Approve those tokens for the swap (1st transaction)
  4. Approve the actual swap (2nd transaction)

That’s it! You now own $EASE and/or $gvEASE and can use them to protect your DeFi investments.

Do you have questions?

We created a special contact form, so do contact us if you:

  • have questions about the token swap
  • encounter any difficulties swapping
  • would like to send your $gvEase to another wallet than the one your $vArmor is 
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