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Why I Hodl Armor, an investor’s Manifesto

The Armor Knights Program

Why Armor: an Investor’s perspective

Every invention starts with inspiration. As Bitcoin’s invention wasn’t done in a day, so did the inspiration for it take a lot of time and a lot of bitter experience.

Enter Armor, The Game-changer

Armor caught my eye as a project that greatly contributed to the DeFi realm. Not so long ago coverage in the crypto sector was not an innovation at all, it was just the same well known mechanism used in traditional finance, but executed with cryptocurrency — more of an ugly compromise than a worthy idea.

Transcending Trust

I’ve come to realize that traditional ways of insurance and coverage in the fiat world are addressing precisely that — trust. Old methods of crypto coverage also address trust. But Armor’s method of Reciprocally Covered Assets do what has to be done and what’s worthy of DeFi — it transcends trust!

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