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Armor Round Up: August 2021

New Shield vaults, referral program, Gnosis Safe app

And lots of great publicity!

August has been a very productive month for Armor Finance. We have had a lot of great press and many important product updates throughout this month. Here’s our monthly roundup:


  • Armor co-founder Robert Foster appeared on DeFi Dad! Plus other great press mentions.
  • Gnosis added Armor Finance to Safe Apps.
  • Armor Shield Vaults are now live.
  • Armor launched the Armor Referral Program.

Press Roundup And Social Media Shoutouts

Gnosis Adds Armor to Safe Apps

Armor joined 1Inch, Compound, Aave, InstaDapp, Lido, Oasis, Synthetic, Uniswap, and a few dozen more DeFi protocols in the Gnosis Safe App ecosystem this past month. Armor is the only DeFi Coverage protocol that has a Gnosis Safe App.

Safe Apps are dapps that have integrated with the Gnosis Safe Multisig via the Safe Apps SDK. There are three reasons why Safe Apps are essential in the current DeFi landscape:

  • The Safe App helps in building a single point of entry.
  • The Safe App ecosystem increases visibility.
  • Most asset management platforms and crypto wallets don’t provide enough context for users to understand and verify their transactions.

Why Is This A Great Thing?

Teams can now access the Armor ecosystem directly from their Gnosis multisig. This way, they can get arNFT or arCore Smart Cover for their team assets, they can stake in the reward pools, claim rewards, and more. They can also use the Yearn Safe App to deposit their treasury stablecoins and immediately deposit the received yvTokens in Armor’s newly launched arShield for automatic coverage.

Read the Gnosis<>Armor announcement here.

Armor Launches Shield Vaults

After releasing several innovative DeFi cover products such as Armor NFT’s, arCore Smart Cover, and the arNXM Vault, Armor has now released Shield Vaults.

With Shield Vaults, Armor users can wrap underlying tokens to receive coverage-bearing tokens. This automatically provides coverage without ever needing any maintenance or renewals. It’s also cheaper than other cover options!

Armor Shield Vaults utilize pooled coverage per protocol (for example Yearn Vaults, Curve Vaults, etc.) across a variety of products for those protocols (for example the Yearn DAI, 1Inch, and YFI vaults). This lowers the percentage of coverage that investors need to pay while maintaining the benefits of full coverage for the first 50% of the Vault’s value.

The first 5 Shield Vaults are live, all of them based on Yearn vaults: DAI (the newly migrated yVault), SNX, sUSD, YFI & 1Inch. The previous beta launch limits (the equivalent of $50k USD per Armor Shield Vault) have been removed. These first 5 Shield Vaults are now fully open.

Yearn is upgrading several of their vaults, once they are finished they will all be added as well as dozens of new vaults next month due to an upcoming Umbrella integration.

Read the full announcement here to learn about the benefits of the Shield Vaults and learn how they work.

Armor Launches Referral Program

After releasing several innovative DeFi cover products such as Armor NFT’s, arCore Smart Cover, and Armor Shield Vaults, Armor is inviting you to help us make DeFi safer with the Armor Referral Program.

The Armor Referral program (https://armor.fi/referrals) offers Armor users and other #ArmorKnights an additional income stream by sharing a part of the revenue that is generated by other users they refer to the ecosystem.

The system is functional and active! It currently rewards referrals to the arCore Smart Cover System, the newly announced Shield Vaults, as well as those to the arNXM Vault.

In order to use the Armor Cover products, you have to connect a wallet. When you do this, your wallet address is immediately turned into a unique referral link as well. When that reflink is shared and used and a new user (whose wallet hasn’t been used before on Armor) buys cover, those sales are registered and the referring wallet gets credited!

The referrer will be marked as such for that referee (you!) and will receive a % of their purchases and earnings, which can be withdrawn or used to pay for arCore cover. You can use the generated code (for example https://armor.fi/r/FL86Hb77g), or you can apply for a ‘Vanity link”, such as https://armor.fi/r/harry.

Read more here to learn about how the system works and how much you can earn.

Armor Restakes 10,500 NXM At Nexus Mutual

Towards the end of August, Armor Finance restaked 10,500 NXM at Nexus Mutual across Alpha Finance, Anchor Protocol, Convex Finance, Liquidity, SushiSwap, Stake DAO, YIELD App, Reflexer Labs, Crypto.com, and Nexo.

The blue slice represents Armor’s stake in the Nexus Mutual ecosystem. We have been the largest staker on Nexus Mutual since our launch in January.

Looking ahead to September

  • This week we will stake an even larger amount of NXM; let us know if you have preferred protocols that need more capacity.
  • The new NFT rewards system will go live
  • The long awaited Airdrop will start
  • vArmor will start
  • Many website updates
  • New partnerships
  • More interviews are already planned and CTO Robert Forster will be on the exclusive panel at the {DeFi}ntech Retreat, together with many other top DeFi, CeFi and regulation specialists.
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