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Make DeFi Safer: Join the Armor Referral Program

Spread the word, help cover everyone’s DeFi assets

Make DeFi safe again, all while earning rewards.

After releasing several innovative DeFi cover products such as Armor NFT’s, arCore Smart Cover and Armor Shield Vaults, Armor is inviting you to help us make DeFi safer with the Armor Referral Program.

The Armor Referral program (https://armor.fi/referrals) offers Armor users and other #ArmorKnights an additional income stream by sharing a part of the revenue that is generated by other users they refer to the ecosystem.

The system is functional and active and currently rewards referrals to the arCore Smart Cover System, the newly announced Shield Vaults, as well as those to the arNXM Vault.

What is a referral program?

In general, a referral program is a way to reward active users that help spread the word about a product or service to new users. These active users are called ‘Referrers’ and usually, they help recruit new users using so-called ‘Referral links’. This is a special link to a page of the program/product, which normally has a small referral code at the end. This code makes it easy to track the users that sign up via the referrer’s unique link.

So, a referrer sends their unique referral link (‘reflink’) to another user (‘referee’), who then can sign up and buy/use a product and the referrer gets rewarded for their efforts. This is how Amazon, eBay and many others got to grow very fast.

Historically, referral programs are based on unique codes connected to email registrations. So how does this work in the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) world?

Your wallet is unique and so is your code

Armor has come up with a way to use the one thing that makes DeFi users unique: your wallet! In order to use the Armor Cover products, you have to connect their wallet. When you do this, your wallet address is immediately turned into a unique referral link.

And when that reflink is shared and used and a new user (whose wallet hasn’t been used before on Armor) buys cover, those sales are registered and the referring wallet gets credited!

The referrer will be marked as such for that referee (you!) and will receive a % of their purchases and earnings, which can be withdrawn or used to pay for arCore cover.

Functionality Across The Armor Ecosystem

arCore Smart Cover:

  • The referrer earns 5% on all payments the referee makes in arCore. Not on deposits, but on actual streaming payments for their coverage plan. So just depositing and then withdrawing arCore credit does not create a referral fee (no gaming possible).
  • Technically it accrues by the second but is only given to the referrer when a balance updates. That’ll be when a user makes an interaction with the balance contract or when their balance expires.
  • The balance shown is the arCore credit, based on the balance manager contract. All referral fees are automatically added to the balance. This means that if a user refers enough other individuals, their arCore credit will never run out and they’ll pay their cover through referrals.

arNXM Vault:

  • The referrer earns 5% on profits made by stakers: someone stakes, they make $100 from their stake -> when that reward is withdrawn the referrer gets $5
  • If someone you referred is transferred arNXM from elsewhere — such as a purchase through an exchange — your referrer credits go up then as well (which also means they can go down if the user transfers them out of their wallet).

Armor Shield Vault:

  • The referrer earns 0.1% of all tokens minted or redeemed by a referral.
  • Each referral is a separate occurrence, so one referrer may get a fee from a user upon depositing, and then another referrer may get a fee from a user upon withdrawal.

Some examples:

  • arCore gives 5% of a referred user’s payments for life when users click the referral link and purchase coverage. Say a user pays for $1M of coverage over a year at 3.9% in cost; then the referral fee is $1,950 over that year, then continues as long as the user uses Armor.
  • arNXM gives 5% of the interest generated by a user’s staked NXM.
  • arShields give 0.1% of any withdrawal/deposit immediately, so if someone is covering $1M worth of assets through an arShield, $1,000 is the immediate referral fee.


  • The referrals are tracked on the Smart Contract. When the user makes the first arNXM deposit or starts an arCore coverage plan, their referrer is saved and connected to the user.
  • Only a new user can be referred. Existing users and users that arrive through regular links get connected to the dev wallet, which will be regarded as the main referrer (and will earn the referral fees).

The Referrals user interface

When visiting the referrals page at https://armor.fi/referrals you should connect the wallet you want to use as the referrer. This address is also the one you will use to withdraw your earnings.

After connecting your wallet you will first see the earnings section:

Once you start earning rewards, they will show up here and you can withdraw them whenever you want.

The next section shows your actual referral link. The referral link is based on the connected wallet address, but we have added shortcodes to mask them*, like this: https://armor.fi/r/FL86Hb77g

There is also an option for a ‘vanity’ reflink, where the shortcode is replaced by a self-chosen name, in this case https://armor.fi/r/harry :

For now, we only give these vanity links out manually, to prevent ‘reflink cybersquatting’ (i.e. random users claiming /bancor, /curve, /zapper, /yearn etc). Soon we will have a form on this page. For now, please contact the team via Discord or Telegram to get your vanity link!

In the next release, detailed referral links like /r/name&tracking=[campaignId] will be possible. This way larger referrers can create and track campaigns.

The bottom section will show the users you referred and the rewards earned:

The bottom section will also show the rewards you have already claimed!

Let us know in our Discord server or in the Telegram channels which other functionality you would like to have added.

Share your reflink

For now, you can connect your wallet, copy your link and share it! Some ideas:

  • Add it to your Twitter Profile
  • Make a special Tweetstorm or article about Armor and DeFi Cover. Or for example about our new Shield Vaults and our Smart Cover System
  • Add it to your signature on forums
  • Are you in the Discord servers of one of the nearly 100 protocols we cover? You can educate the users and let them know that they can cover their positions with Armor

Let us know if you have found other creative ways to share the links! Together we can cover everyone’s assets and make Defi safe again.

The referring wallet address is masked. Once a sale is made through your link, the user that bought the Armor Cover could check the transaction details. They could see the address that will receive the referral fee, as well as the amount. So please only use addresses you are comfortable sharing, even though they normally aren’t visible.

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