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Armor Welcomes Romke Jonker as Development Manager

Another important update this month from the Armor hiring board. We’re happy to welcome Romke Jonker as the new Armor Development Manager.

Romke grew up in The Netherlands, building electronics circuits from an early age. He started programming at age 12 and was coding his first commercial software not much later. After finishing two master degrees, he has held various software engineering positions in payment oriented start-ups, both in crypto and traditional finance.

More recently he has focused on designing and building e-commerce solutions for fortune 500 companies. He was the lead architect in the team that designed a B2B solution for a pharmaceutical company with a $60 billion annual turnover.

Romke enjoys taking software development teams to the next level. He will help Armor organize its development processes and mature the team so that Armor keeps delivering quality services while the Armor team continues to grow.

About his hands-on style, he comments: “I’m never going to give up programming. I want to see the inside, learn the details and know how things work. In my experience, I can help the people around me best if I first have a thorough understanding.”

Armor Co-founder Robert says: “Romke is exactly the person Armor needs at this point. He has a clear vision of Armor’s future as a leader in DeFi safety and has already helped shape development processes and documentation. His discipline and structured approach will help the project mature.”

Romke lives with his family in France. He loves spending time with friends discovering the countryside on his new gravel bike.

Stay tuned for more important information as the Armor team continues to expand.

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