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Armor Welcomes Rus Hughes as CTO

Coming off the announcement of our new Reciprocally-Covered Assets white paper, the Armor team is ready to share another important development. We’re happy to welcome Rus Hughes as our new Chief Technology Officer.

Rus is a serial entrepreneur whose past roles range from systems administrator to senior developer, team lead, CTO and co-founder of successful companies such as Amazooka, Importist, Intelligent Labs, and BlueOdin.

As someone familiar with the lifecycle of multiple technology businesses, Rus will bring the necessary experience to execute on Armor’s goal of building the most effective decentralized coverage solutions for the burgeoning DeFi industry.

In his new role as CTO of Armor, Rus has doubled down on his belief in blockchain technology’s transformative potential for traditional financial instruments. He will now be responsible for developing technical aspects of the DAO’s strategy to ensure alignment with ARMOR token holder goals. Ultimately, this will bring more value back to the ARMOR token.

Armor Founder and CEO Robert Forster says,

“Rus is going to be an enormous boon to the team. He brings a wealth of experience that will help us move faster and more efficiently to achieving our mission. Him joining also means I can dedicate more time than ever to the vision of the protocol and how to achieve it. I’m extremely excited to have Rus on the team and for what this means for the next steps of Armor!”

Stay tuned for more important information as the Armor team continues to expand.

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