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Compound.finance added to the Uninsurance Ecosystem

New Protocol Vaults: Compound.finance

The First wave of new vaults are here! Compound.finance joins the Uninsurance ecosystem! They are now live and ready for deposits. This brings the total amount of assets in the ecosystem to 21. We plan to launch another batch of vaults next week, so stay tuned! 

The vaults cover the following assets from Compound:


Yield and Coverage Bearing

Remember ease vaults work for you. Meaning, all of the above Compound assets will automatically accrue COMP rewards for the user, without any additional input. Ez tokens are coverage wrapped and yield bearing!

Terms and conditions of Uninsurance

When depositing any assets into the ecosystem for the first time, the user must agree to the following before moving forward:

Be sure to read all documents thoroughly before agreeing to participate in the Uninsurance ecosystem.

More Information

Be sure to check out How to use the ease Uninsurance app (ELI5 with screenshots) for detailed information on navigating the app.

About ease

The team at Ease shares a common vision:

  • Blockchain technology and decentralization are a giant step forward and DeFi is a game-changer.
  • Access to and usage of DeFi must be as easy and safe as possible. We do this by using the benefits of blockchain technology to bypass the negatives of TradFi.
  • By covering Crypto risks easily and affordably, we can onboard many more crypto users.
  • Crypto is just getting started, but the more users we can help get aboard, the faster the revolution will be.

In 2020, Armor.fi revolutionized DeFi coverage by making it flexible, automatic and not connected to memberships.

Since then, the team has been thinking about how to cover all of crypto. This is how Ease, and the model of Uninsurance came to be.

Ease.org | Discord | Twitter | Reddit | Github | Linkedin


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