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Ease: More than Coverage

Since our inception, Ease’s mission has been to make DeFi safer, by making it as easy as possible to secure your funds. With Armor, this was done through UX improvements of underlying coverage protocols. Ease took another step forward by creating a coverage model that’s built from the bottom up with ease of use in mind. However, Ease is about a lot more than just securing your assets.

Ease aims to create a way into DeFi that optimizes both ease of use and ease of mind.

A user visits our site, looks at a list of blue chip DeFi protocols they could invest in, and compares their returns and different investment risks (impermanent loss, APY dependent on token price, etc.). Then they click one button to purchase an ez-token that includes auto-compounding, and perpetual coverage, with no maintenance needed. They can even bridge their ez-tokens to other chains to participate in Ethereum DeFi from anywhere.

Ease is the protocol for DeFi in the simplest and safest way possible.

The protocol for set-and-forget investors—institutional and retail alike. Ease is the protocol for anyone to invest in DeFi who isn’t interested in dealing with each underlying platform.

We aim to create a new sector of DeFi that is simple and safe by default. A sector of DeFi where users have no worries about scams and rug pulls. Instead, a place where they can feel comfortable in their investment in the industry.

To demonstrate how Ease envisions the future, we’ll explain the use of the protocol through 2 user views:

  1. A user who is focused on ease of mind because they prefer passive investing.
  2. A user who is focused on ease of use because they are not particularly knowledgeable about DeFi.

User 1: Ease of mind

This user may have hundreds of millions of dollars or just hundreds of dollars. They are interested in passive investment. One you can enter or exit at any point, without a need for day-to-day attention for optimal performance.

Because of the rewards systems of each protocol, this is almost never the case by default. Many protocols require:

  • purchasing the original token,
  • staking it somewhere,
  • withdrawing any token rewards
  • then re-investing said rewards to keep compounding your investment.

In addition to simple auto-compounding, this user wants protection against smart contract hacks.

They want this protection without needing to:

  • buy new policies monthly,
  • pay gas fees each time,
  • increase or decrease policies based on the value of their holdings,
  • worry about their policy expiring.

This user will visit Ease.org, purchase an ez-token and then:

  • Done.

They hold this ez-token and everything is done for them. The value of their ez-token compared to the underlying protocol token increases over time as rewards are harvested and exchanged for more of the underlying token.

User 2: Ease of use

This user only has a passing knowledge of DeFi. They’ve expressed interest in DeFi to their knowledgeable friend, and they tell them to visit Ease.org. There they will find the simplest and safest way to invest in the most trusted protocols.

The user looks at the many vaults in our ecosystem, chooses one with risks and returns they like, and purchases an ez-token with one click. They never need to think about it again and can simply watch as their token becomes worth more.

Conclusion: it’s easy

If this sounds like a very simplistic overview of the system, that’s mostly because the system is that simple. It’s important for users to understand the various investment risks an underlying protocol can have, and important for them to understand the risk-sharing element of Ease. Other than that, no further knowledge is needed.

Ease will carve out a sector of DeFi of users who want ease-of-use, and ease-of-mind. Some other DeFi users might still want to use lesser-known, riskier protocols, custom strategies, and specific coverage types or no coverage at all, and other protocols may be best for that.

However, for the–very large–niche that Ease is targeting, the protocol’s been built with their exact needs in mind.

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