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June Update: Ease Risk Ratings

With the end of June, we have conducted the monthly update to protocol Ease Risk ratings. Below is the summary of notable changes, or lack thereof. For the full Ease Risk Rubric, consult the knowledgebase article.

1. GMX AAA weight increased to 50%

Due to GMX’s popularity for coverage buys during its initial month in the AAA pool, we have increased the weight from 25% – 50%. We will continue to evaluate this going forward.

2. No changes to score due to Time-Weighted TVL

Every month we update our TW-TVL stats for each rated protocol, if certain thresholds are met this will lead to a score increase for protocols. No changes of note with this month.

3. No changes due to Adverse events

In June there were no hacks or exploits to any of the rated protocols. 

See you next month!

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