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Launch of $Ease token & gvEase app TikTok @ Ease! Ease DeFi thought pieces We broke Uniswap, were Trillionaires The Messari report on Ease

ease Quarterly Update: Q3 ’22


The end of September marked the end of Q3 2022. It might have been the busiest and most productive quarter so far!

Let’s take a look back at the important milestones Ease achieved in these past 3 months. 


July was yet another major development month for our gvTokenomics. Our solidity team has been working around the clock to turn the functional demands of our system into functional, safe and efficient smart contracts.

Once the main contracts were ready, more fine-tuning of these gvToken contracts was done. The next step was to get them audited, followed by making some changes based on the results of said audits.

The team at Ease officially announced the Growing Vote tokenomics in early August ‘22.

It’s an innovative new model designed to tackle some of the shortcomings of the Voting Escrow (veTokens) model that soared in popularity within DeFi


The launch of the new $Ease token and the gvEase app!

After all the careful preparation, many, many hours, days and nights were spent on designing, coding, testing, breaking, fixing and improving the actual app. The Ease token and the new gvTokenomics model both launched in September!

A culmination of a full year of hard work: from the rebrand to the launch of Uninsurance and the final launch of the token. This marks a major milestone for the ecosystem.

Owners of the $Armor token and its staked version $vArmor can now swap them for $Ease and $gvEase. The $EASE token is much more than a replacement though.

$Ease has superpowers! The new app offers a leasing and bribing system, and DeFi users and protocols can stake their -growing- $gvEase to lower possible costs in case of hacks. There is also a brand new Ease DAO, where $gvEase holders can create and vote on proposals.

The full token announcement can be read here: https://ease.org/the-ease-token-swap-is-live/

The app launch, the token launch and token swap instructions are published here: https://ease.org/the-ease-token-and-gvease-app-have-launched/ 

TikTok @ Ease

On top of the software development, Ease also launched a crypto information page on TikTok!

Our mission statement includes: “ease wants to make DeFi as easy and safe as possible.”

First of all, this is done by creating innovative products that help users DeFi safely. Ease also wants to share valuable information and helpful advice

Meanwhile, Ease also wants to point out, expose and discredit false and potentially dangerous information.

The target audience is individuals with not much in-depth knowledge about the crypto space. These are often vulnerable to hacks and scams. 

We aim to create short-form, 101-style content about crypto news and education. Some of the Ease TikTok videos focus on current events (hacks, scamming influencers), others on background info (What Are Bridges, What is your Seed Phrase) or a mix (What is the Merge?).

The project has been going well, with on average 2 videos per week. You can view these here:

Expect re-uploads of our backlog into Youtube shorts soon.

But what if you are a more experienced Crypto user or even Degen and want a more in-depth discussion about the current and future state of DeFi?

Ease DeFi thought pieces and long-form info.

The team at Ease has launched an ongoing series of thought pieces in the past months. We actually have several published writers on our team, with a great variety of backgrounds. The team constantly challenges itself to stay ahead and actively create the future of DeFi

Our Crypto Glossary and DeFi Knowledge Base have expanded significantly in the past months. Not just with background info and instructions for our new products, but also with educational content. The aim of the new long-form blog posts is to do greater in-depth looks at different areas and issues of the DeFi space and to further our goal: being an education platform in DeFi. 

The first piece launched in august, titled The Challenge of Managing Risk in DeFi Insurance.

The team continued the ongoing series of thought pieces with FDIC/SIPC Viability in DeFi, Part 1 and Part 2. Expect more essays in the coming months!

How we broke Uniswap and became paper Trillionaires

The long-form format also allows the team to test the current DeFi ecosystem and show its shortcomings in detail. 

To celebrate the launch of the new Ease token the team did a Uniswap TVL exploit, to showcase the danger of TVL as the “gold standard” in DeFi. We took the top 3 spots on Uniswap and became paper Trillionaires!

Read the full story here: https://ease.org/how-we-learned-to-start-worrying-and-question-the-tvl/

The Messari Report on Ease

Our analytics partner Messari, released an in-depth analysis of our Risk-sharing Uninsurance coverage model.Their key insights are:

  • According to Bitcoinist, only 2% of decentralized finance holdings were insured in 2021.
  • DeFi insurance protocols are challenged with scalability and cost-efficiency issues, leading to their general underutilization in the space.
  • Ease has developed a scalable, cost-efficient, and secure asset protection product called “Uninsurance,” which allows users to share risks and share the costs of malicious attacks.
  • Ease’s farming program is a growth and diversification initiative. It will allocate a pro rata value of EASE to users in each vault and encourage users to deposit assets into vaults with fewer funds.

Read the full report here: https://messari.io/report/un-insuring-defi-holdings-with-ease 

5 months of free coverage and counting!

September also marks 5 months of Uninsurance coverage in which users have paid 0% in premiums to enjoy covered DeFi assets.

Remember: if there are no hacks, there are no fees. All users that have had 5 months of Ease DeFi Uninsurance coverage have paid a total of $0 in fees.

Meanwhile, their positions have grown as the generated yield has auto-compounded!

They can add to or even withdraw their positions without any costs.

Here’s to many more months of premium-free coverage!

Looking ahead

Even though Crypto Winter is here, the team @ Ease is far from hibernating.

All of the above will be expanded on in the coming months.
Now the new system is live, we can focus more on marketing, expanding the products to other chains, and creating new products and services, while creating even more valuable DeFi content for the crypto community.

Though Ease has been building non-stop for over 2 years now, we are just getting started.

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