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Armor Welcomes Christopher Hearey as Community Manager

Coming off the announcement of our new Reciprocally-Covered Assets white paper and our announcement of the new Armor CTO Rus Hughes, the Armor team is ready to share another important development. We’re happy to welcome Christopher Hearey as Community Manager.

Chris has always been an empathetic individual attracted to people-oriented work. With a humble origin in the service industry, he later pivoted into a healthcare role, where he provided front-line support to providers and patients as an inpatient pharmacy technician for the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, WA.

While a pivot from his previous work, Chris has been an active investor and community member in the blockchain space since early 2017 and is excited to combine his passion for the technology’s potential with his professional, people-forward skillset.

Armor believes this combination will allow Chris to foster a positive space for the community of ArmorFi, leading to its further growth.

Robert Forster says,

“Community is one of the most important aspects in a DeFi protocol. We previously didn’t have a dedicated community management position, and are extremely excited to now have Chris on board.”

“In the short amount of time he’s been here, he’s already improved processes greatly and taken great initiative in the development of our community. We’ll be launching our DAO next week and are very excited to have him on board to encourage participation and ensure it all runs smoothly.”

Chris has entered his new role as Community Manager of Armor with enthusiasm, launching our forums and new subreddit in just the last week and adding FAQ bots to our Discord.

Going forward, he will launch our upcoming Community Grant program and continuously seek to upgrade our social media spaces so they provide a more powerful platform for user engagement.

Please stop by in our Telegram, Discord, or our Subreddit, he is excited to engage with our community members and is available to help with any issues or take any feedback you may have.

Stay tuned for more important information as the Armor team continues to expand.

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