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Ease DeFi Quarterly Recap: Q1 2022

2022 has started off at full speed for the Armor/ease project! The main goal was the launch of the new website and the rebranding from Armor.fi into ease.org, but we managed to squeeze a few more things in. As we successfully rebranded, this is the first ease DeFi Quarterly Recap!


Ama with DeFi pulse

After having done a nice AMA with CryptoTalkz (see transcript here), the Armor team was invited by the good people of DeFi Pulse for another AMA.

It was great, there were interesting questions and answers!
Highlights include:

  • Robert Forster talking about RCAs, Armor’s revolutionary new coverage model (expected release end of February/beginning of March
  • Explanation of new utility case for the $Armor token
  • Gas refund system for DAO participants to promote inclusivity
  • Grant Program launch

The full transcript has been posted on the new ease.org blog and can be found here.


Why I Hodl Armor, an Investor’s Manifesto

This was the title of a great thinkpiece that was written by a community member as a result of our Grant program.

We liked it so much, that we not only posted it verbatim, but we invited the author, Xaumana to join our team!

Read the manifesto here on the ease.org blog.


Ease is hiring

The team expanded as we managed to hire yet another great Solidity Dev and we now even have a real Unpaid Intern, who is doing great work. 

There is room for more! If you are a Solidity Wizard, any kind of backend or frontend engineer? Do you have little tech knowledge but are a good writer, graphical artist, meme lord or marketeer? 

Let us know your skills, your Github, Twitter and LinkedIn profile and there might be a place for you as well.

See the new Team page here to learn about the current team, what they do to be at ease and how you can apply to join the ease team.


Rebranding? Check. New website? Check!

One reason we did not post monthly recaps in the past months is that the rebranding project was a multi-month project. When the team announced the shift of focus towards the new RCA product, we agreed that this was a good moment to rebrand as well.

The focus of the new project would be aimed not only at the seasoned DeFi Degens but also at the new generation of Crypto and DeFi users.

So we thought about how we could make DeFi as safe and easy as possible. 

There were marketing sessions, branding sessions, and many internal and external discussions with professionals and advisors. In the end, we all agreed that though we are proud of the Armor name, revolutionary DeFi products and brand, its focus was on the dangers. 

The new brand should focus more on getting covered with ease and the feeling of being at ease while your funds are generating yield in crypto!  

That’s why the ease.org domain was chosen. Read all about the rebranding in the special announcement on our blog here


Creating the ease.org website

Of course, choosing a name was only a relatively minor step. Some of the next tasks due were:

  • Design a new logo and colours. We used over 250 logo prototypes and dozens of colour schemes, together with professional logo designers and colour specialists.
  • A completely new website. Though the Armor.fi was the actual app, for ease.org we wanted to split the site into an App and an information site.
  • For the home page, we had a nice gif designed of a DeFi user at ease
  • We also had a video explainer designed, which included writing a script, finding an animator and a voice artist, and getting everything together in the great clip that is now on our new homepage.




Next up: The Uninsurance App

We aim to appease! So next up will be app.ease.org

We launched the main site midway through March as planned and are now mostly focused on the next phase of the rebranding and roadmap: the release of the Uninsurance App.

The audits have been done, and the back end and front end are nearly built. We are already testing the User Interfaces and contracts. Before the end of the month, everyone will be able to finally DeFi at ease.

Here is some hidden Alpha: Current holders of $vARMOR will be retroactively awarded gvToken power when launched. 


Meet the team in Amsterdam

Robert Forster will speak at Secureum, part of the ETH Devconnect week in Amsterdam, which also includes the EthGlobal Hackathon

A large part of the ease team and several of our partners will be in Amsterdam from the 18th of April to about the 26th. 

So, if you want to meet us, discuss partnerships, apply for a job, ride a bike through Amsterdam or just chat and brainstorm about the future of France, let us know!

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