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Contract Ownership and Admin Permissions


arNFT Contract


  • The multisig has admin rights for the contract
  • The contract is immutable
  • The are no admin restricted functions.

arNXM Vault Proxy Contract


  • The DAO has admin rights for the contract
  • The contract is upgradeable
  • The admin has access to the following restricted functions:
    • changeReserveAmount()
    • changeReferPercent()
    • changeWithdrawFee()
    • changeWithdrawDelay()
    • changeAdminPercent()
    • changeRewardDuration()
    • changePauseDuration()
    • changeBeneficiary()

vArmor Contract


  • This contract has no owner
  • The contract is immutable

Governor & Timelock

Governor: https://etherscan.io/address/0x5aFeDeF1454CDd11d4705c06aa4D66Aa396343f6
Timelock: https://etherscan.io/address/0x5AFeDEF13Bd7B3e363db724420D773cAa8B88763

  • The DAO has admin rights for these contracts
  • The contracts are upgradeable

Multisig Admin


  • Currently a 3/6 multisig admin with veto powers for the DAO. The current admin council is comprised of the Ease.org team.


The following contracts are under a 48 hour timelock, as they are owned by the DAO. See Governance and DAO for more information on the procedural process.

  • arNXM Vault
  • Governor
  • Timelock

The 48 hour timeline gives the multi-sig admin a period of time in which they are able to veto any decisions voted on by the DAO. This precaution is in place to help mitigate the risk of a governance attack that could cause undue harm to the protocol and it’s contracts.



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