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How to use the gvEASE app

(This is an overview of the new gvEase part of the Ease app. For the main Uninsurance app section, please see the instructions here.)

The $Ease token has been launched and the Ease app (app.ease.org) has been expanded. There are a few new sections and pages, see the descriptions and instructions below:

The top row/section shows your current holdings:

    • $Ease in wallet: this is the number of Ease tokens you currently have in your wallet. These are not deposited into $gvEase yet and can be traded freely or used to offer bribes.
    • $Ease Deposited: you already deposited this amount of $Ease tokens. These can be withdrawn at any moment, using the [WITHDRAW] button. Note that there is a delay of one (1) week, before you can withdraw the $Ease tokens. You need to do a follow-up transaction after 7 days. Then the tokens are in your wallet again (the “$Ease in wallet” amount increases).
    • Total $gvEase: This is your current amount of Growing Vote Ease tokens. As the name implies, these grow in number. $gvEase can be used to stake, lease or vote on governance proposals.
    • Pending Rewards: if you have any pending rewards, for example from leasing your tokens, then these will show up here. You can choose to swap them for $gvEase (which will grow after the swap) using the [COMPOUND] button or withdraw them as $Ease using the [CLAIM] button.

The middle row/section is for leasing your $gvEase. Please see the dedicated KB article here for instructions.

The bottom section is for staking your $gvEase. Please see the dedicated KB article here for instructions.


There are 2 more new APP pages in the top menu, Bribing and Token Swap.

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