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How to lease $gvEASE (users)

Leasing & Bribing

Some $gvEASE holders will not need lower costs on vaults in case of a hack. Maybe they currently have no investments they need to cover, or their vaults already have a very low possible fee.

In that case, they can lease their $gvEASE tokens to anyone who posts a bribe. This current article explains the steps to take to lease your $gvEASE. Please read this Knowledge Base article about Bribing if you are a protocol or power user that wants to start a bribe.

Bribes are posted to specific vaults and are denominated in $EASE tokens per week. Leases, however, are generic. You don’t need to lease to a specific vault, you don’t need to check weekly if your leased tokens have the highest ROI. This happens automatically.

How to lease your $gvEASE

  1. Go to the $gvEASE app page here: https://app.ease.org/gv-dashboard
  2. If you haven’t done so already, connect your wallet, with the button in the top right
  3. Before you can lease, ensure you have an amount of $EASE deposited into the system (or swap $vArmor) to receive a balance of $gvEASE, which can be used for leasing.
  4. Navigate to the Leasing subsection in the middle of this page.
  5. All you need to do is determine the value of $gvEASE you wish to be leased, the system will split it proportionally based on the active bribes that are available. Do not worry about stakes, if you have $gvEASE staked, any leased $gvEASE will automatically be deducted proportionately from your currently staked vaults. 
  6. Choose the amount of $gvEASE you wish to lease, and then click “lease” on the right-hand side. Confirm the transaction. You will earn $EASE rewards weekly based on total leased and total bribes. More info here.

Withdraw Lease

  1. If you wish to withdraw your $gvEASE, click withdraw, and choose the amount you wish to withdraw. Confirm the transaction.
  2. Once confirmed, the $gvEASE will automatically redistribute into your active stakes, based on the stake percentages you chose.

Leasing and Governance voting

Even if you have leased your tokens, you can still use the same amount of $gvEASE to vote on DAO proposals! So, if there is a vote, you do not need to withdraw your lease first to vote.

The opposite is true as well: users that have posted a bribe and are now using your $gvEASE to lower fees on certain vaults, cannot use your $gvEASE to vote on proposals. So, though you can lease out your power, you can’t sell your DAO votes.

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