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Risks Breakdown

For those who want to consider the risks involved in participating… This page covers the key concerns stakeholders may have and provides a deeper understanding of the Armor protocol and the characteristics of its design.

Sending tokens to contracts

Sending any assets or tokens to the contracts instead of calling their functions and sequencing correctly.
If you don’t know what this means should you even be doing this? Please use the interface provided on the Armor.fi website and avoid interacting with the smart contracts directly on etherscan unless you know what you are doing.

Definitely do not send anything directly to a contract address. It will be unrecoverable and this is not how it works.

Only interact with Etherscan contracts if you know what you are doing around what functions to call and sequencing steps.

Withdrawal stability caps on arNXM Vault

Weekly withdrawal limit on arNXM:wNXM swaps from the arNXM Vault

The weekly withdrawal limit from the arNXM pool relies on the reserve that is kept within the smart contracts. Because only a limited amount of the Assets Under Management (“AUM”) are kept in reserve each week when tokens are being re-staked, that is the full amount that may be withdrawn each week (excluding deposits that are made, which are not restaked until the next restaking period). Keeping a smaller fraction of AUM in reserves ensures a full run on the vault cannot happen in a short period of time. There is a delicate balance in this reserve amount between ensuring users always have liquidity, and ensuring we keep enough staked to maximize our APY and do not allow large runs on the vault; this balance will be adjusted by governance as needed.

User balance tracking

Smart Cover System may not perfectly track user balances

There are a few cases where this might occur and lead to inaccurate coverage recommendations.

Also considering the rapid pace of DeFi development… There may be a brand new product which might take a day or more to add to the system where possible.

There may be issues receiving data from thegraph or other data providers to accurate track user balances and recommend coverage combinations.

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