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Model Constants and Reward Summary (depreciated)

As of 2023, many of the below constants are no longer up to date. Every product listed below, excluding arNXM has been sunset. This page will remain up for record keeping purposes. Click here for up to date arNXM v2 documentation.

Model Constants

arNXM Yield Vault

Reserve size (arNXM/wNXM LP) = 10,000(x) NXM

x= 1

Refill Period = 7 days

Nexus Mutual Staking Leverage = 20X

Premium multipliers

Native arCore = 1.5

Shield+ Vaults = 1.1

Shield Vaults = 1

Profit Sharing

Conversion Fees

arNXM to wNXM Conversion = 0%

wNXM to arNXM Conversion = 0%

Rewards Summary

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