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How to stake $gvEASE

Staking $gvEASE

Ease DeFi’s Uninsurance vaults offer DeFi cover without any premiums. The only time there might be a charge is when a hack takes place. No hacks? No charge. This creates a much lower cost for DeFi users, zero if there are no hacks and a proportional share in case of a hack.

By using the brand new $gvEASE Dashboard, users can use their $gvEASE to stake on 1 or more Uninsurance Vaults. This way, if a hack occurs, the vaults that have more $gvEASE staked on them, get charged less: the Max Fee is lowered.

This also offers a great chance for popular protocols such as Aave, Convex, Curve, Sushi etc to offer their users extra protection. They can also stake on their vaults, which will mean a lower payout (maybe even 0%!) for all of their users that enjoy free DeFi cover on their holdings!

How to stake your $gvEASE

  1. Go to the $gvEASE app page here: https://app.ease.org/gv-dashboard
  2. If you haven’t done so already, connect your wallet, with the button in the top right
  3. Before you can lease, ensure you have an amount of $EASE deposited into the system (or swap $vArmor) to receive a balance of $gvEASE, which can be used for leasing.
  4. Navigate to the bottom of page, to the Staking header.

    From here you can adjust your stakes onto any eligible vaults. 
    • Click the [ (+) Add New Stake] button
    • Use the drop-down to choose the vault you wish to stake on

    • Choose the % of your $gvEASE that you want to stake on this vault. The total of your stakes must be 100%. This means if you only stake on one vault, you must choose 100% here.
    • Use the “Add New Stake” button if you wish to stake onto multiple vaults. In this case, you can divide the % as you please, as long as they add up to 100%.
    • Use the “trash can” icon, if you wish to remove your stake from a vault. You will need to update the %s on your remaining vaults. 
  5. This system will stake all available $gvEASE, so you don’t need to determine the absolute amount of $gvEASE you wish to stake per vault. You just select the %’s using the dropdown.
  6. Again: your stakes must add up to 100%! You cannot stake less than 100% of your $gvEASE. The UI will not allow you to send a transaction unless all stakes add to 100%.
  7. Once you have decided on your vaults and percentages, click the “[ADJUST STAKES]” button.
    A transaction will appear. Confirm this through your wallet provider and upon completion your stakes will be added to the system!
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