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arShield Staking Guide (sunsetted)

Note that arShield has been sunsetted since 1st June 2022. Coverage is no longer valid, any hacks will not be eligible for claims. Users will still be able to withdraw their deposits and earned $Armor rewards. Please see this announcement for full details. 
How to Stake in ArShields:
  1. Users can deposit their Tokens into the arShield vault
  2. To stake, simply go to the Staking Rewards page and click the “Stake Tokens” button. Two MetaMask transactions will pop-up (to approve the transfer then stake) and you must confirm both.
  3. Once your tokens are staked, you will be returned arTokens.
  4. That’s it! Now you hold yield bearing covered positions that produce returns at zero risk.
arTokens will be able to be staked into LPs for farming rewards and accepted as collateral on lending platforms.
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