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Contract Ownership and Admin Permissions

Ease Token Contract


  • Is owned by Ease Timelock
  • The contract is immutable
  • The contract has an admin restricted function to mint 250MM tokens one time, if a DAO vote is passed through the timelock

gvEASE Contract


  • Is owned by Ease Timelock
  • Contract is upgradeable (ERC1967 Proxy)

Ease Governor Bravo


  • Owned by Ease DAO (gvEase Holders). 
  • Admin is Ease Timelock
  • Contract is upgradeable

Ease Governor Timelock


  • Owned by Ease DAO. 
  • Admin is Ease Governor
  • Contract is upgradeable

Multisig Admin


  • Currently a 3/6 multisig admin with veto powers for the DAO. The current admin council is composed of the Ease.org team.


The following contracts are under a 48 hour timelock, as they are owned by the DAO. See Governance and DAO for more information on the procedural process.

  • Ease Governor
  • Ease Timelock

The 48 hour timeline gives the multi-sig admin a period of time in which they are able to veto any decisions voted on by the DAO. This precaution is in place to help mitigate the risk of a governance attack that could cause undue harm to the protocol and it’s contracts.

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