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Aligned Incentives

Nexus Mutual and Armor

Since all insurance is underwritten by Nexus Mutual, the success of ARMOR directly translates into success for Nexus. Increased staking and sales through ARMOR will drive symbiotic growth of both ARMOR and Nexus.

Armor Users and Armor

The Armor treasury acts as collateral to provide insurance for the insurers. As the armor treasury grows, the size of coverage it provides will also increase, and the stakers’ investment will become safer. The success of armor directly makes the users’ investments safer.

Protocol Coverage Sellers

arNFT Pool Stakers

Mint and stake arNFT tokens with arCore to earn yield from users who purchase pooled coverage. Earn $ARMOR tokens as rewards too.

arNXM Vault Stakers

Deposit wNXM tokens, receive arNXM tokens in return. ARMOR automatically maximizes yield by optimizing staking. In the case of a loss from a successful claim on a particular contract, the funds are withdrawn from the overall capital pool – this reduces the loss a user would experience if they were staking on a contract themselves. Earn $ARMOR tokens as rewards too.

Smart Coverage Buyers

Buy coverage recommended through the Smart Cover System and earn $ARMOR rewards for utilization of the protocol.

Performance Rewards Pool

All token rewards accrued from Liquidity and Utilization Rewards are issued as $ARMOR tokens.

The goal is to generate a high standard of performance and better distribute the token to governance holders and DAO participants for the future of ArmorDAO.

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