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arNXM v1

With the launch of Nexus Mutual’s v2 model. arNXM has upgraded to meet the new functionalities, so some of this documentation has been depreciated. See …

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EZ-Farming for adoption and token distribution Planned for V2 of Uninsurance, users will be able to stake their ezTokens into a farming contract. Each vault …

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Ease Token Launch Update: the gvEase tokenomics have been announced. See the gvEase announcement here. Soon the $ease swap details will be announced as well. …

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Uninsurance What is Uninsurance? Uninsurance is the term for Ease.org’s new DeFi Native Coverage mode. It doesn’t require premiums or entering into a contract. Perpetual …

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Governance and DAO

Deployed Contracts EASE The EASE token is deployed at https://etherscan.io/address/0xea5edef1287afdf9eb8a46f9773abfc10820c61c gvEASE The gvEASE token is deployed at https://etherscan.io/address/0xea5edef1edb2f47b9637c029a6ac3b80a7ae1550 Timelock The Timelock contract is deployed at …

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